Palm Beach Perinatal & Postpartum Counseling

Your husband is excited! Your friends and family are also incredibly happy! After all, you are pregnant. You are so fortunate to be part of a community of people who love you and you are the center of attention!

Yet, your smile is fake. It takes every ounce of your strength not to break down in tears at any moment. You do not want to answer the phone or texts from well-meaning friends. You want everyone to leave you alone. You are not sure you want to even continue... the pregnancy... life... but you have to. And you have to be perfect while doing so. If this sounds familiar, forget the stigma of reaching out for help. We need to talk. Right Now.

not okay
The pressure of feeling like you do and not like everyone expects you to can be overwhelming. I can help.

I know that one of the scariest things you can do is to reach out for help. I know. I have been there. And that is why my mission is to be there for you. I understand how "perfectionism" and feelings of shame and guilt can discourage you from getting help. Drop the stigma attached to what you "are supposed to feel" and learn that you are not alone and that there is help. Perinatal anxiety and postpartum depression are real and serious. They can lead to postpartum-induced OCD, bipolar, anxiety, depression, psychosis and other mental illnesses. But it is not necessary to let these feelings dominate you! "Baby blues" (healthy post partum adjustment) lasts 2 weeks. If you are feeling postpartum distress that won't let up, find support.

Not getting help can further the negative feelings you are experiencing now - and can result in worse problems later. Give yourself a "floating device" by reaching out. It is true that you can feel less anxious, less pressure, less depression. Even after you deliver, without getting help now, you could experience even suicidal postpartum thoughts. And that is not necessary. We can work through this!

"If I could keep a child from growing up without a mom or dad, then my job is done." Know that it is okay to have feelings - to feel sad, angry, lonely. However, when chemical or hormonal imbalances get out of control, we need to stabalize in a healthy way. And there is no shame in doing so. When the mindset of what we are supposed to do and what we are supposed to be during this time and reality do not line up, the best outlet is to seek help. And that is why I am here.

Your family needs you. As a matter of fact, did you know that your baby's dad may also be going through issues? All members in your family need a way to express their issues through this significant change. And, again, it is okay! Get in touch today to see how we can work through these feelings and pressures - and help you feel "normal" during this time. We can turn that fake smile into a real one and help make those tears that are so hard to hold back, tears of joy. You have the strength to be happy!