Palm Beach Couples & Marriage Counseling

I love couples counseling! It's always fascinating to help two individuals come together and learn more about each other. Whether you need a refresher or you are interested in taking it to the next level, you're deciding to change your pace. Whichever direction you both may choose to go, you will find strength within yourself and happiness to follow.


When you are joining two people from different backgrounds, different feelings and different set of eyes, things do not always go exactly as planned. After all, your perception is your reality. All too often, I have a couple come in and say "We do communicate. He/She just doesn't hear me."

Bring your relationship back to the same page. Gain full understanding and respect for your partners perception and LEARN how to cope. Each person in the relationship has a responsibility in the outcome. Initial Basic assessment with the couple and then I meet individually, once with each. This provides a safe environment for the couples maladaptive dynamics to remove influence so that I can receive the authentic self.

Examples of topics covered in couples counseling:

assertive/Healthy communication
healthy boundaries
reproduction/child rearing
gaining trust
substance abuse
domestic violence