Palm Beach Individual Counseling & Therapy

Let's face it. Sometimes we all need someone to "dump our stuff on". There are times when life is overwhelming, changes happen, decisions need to be made... and the world seems to be spinning around you. Other times, extremely serious situations take place or forms of mental illness such as OCD, PTSD, depression and others start to rear their ugly heads. And it is during any of these times that an empathetic, caring, understanding, and highly skilled therapist can truly be of help.


Individual therapy is a collaborative process between you and me that aims to facilitate change and improve quality of life. I will provide the platform for you to implement the desired change or changes and move toward a happier, whole, and more peaceful life. There is a solution for whatever may be troubling you or your world. We will work together, track your progress and see to it that the happiness you are seeking is reached!